Compatible Brother TZe 521 Black on Blue Tape

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Compatible Brother TZe-521 laminated tape black text on blue tape.

9mm x 8m


Compatible with the following: 

  • PT1000 PT1010 PT1090 PT1230PC PT1280 PT1280DT PT1290 PT1400 PT1650 PT1750 PT1830 PT1830SP PT1880 PT1950 PT2030 PT2100 PT2300 PT2420PC PT2430PC PT2700 PT2730 PT3600 PT7100VP PT7600 PT900 PT9500PC PT9600 PT9700PC PT9800PCN PTE100VP PTE300VP PTE550WVP PTH105 PTH300Li PTP700 PTP750WPT-D400 PT-D450 PT-D600 PT-D210 PT-D800W PT-P900W PT-P950NW PT-P300BT PT-E110VP PT-H110

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