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You cannot tell the
quality of a piece of tape
media just by looking at it.
It’s easy to see the
price tag, imposssible
to see the nine critical
factors that determine
whether one tape is more
reliable than another.
1. Low Error Rate.
Error rate is the fundamental measure
of whether a tape is performing properly.
HP materials and assembly ensure you get
the lowest error rate each and every time
you load the tape.
2. Recording Performance.
Low error rates mean better recording
performance. That’s because HP quality
controls scrutinise the massive rolls of
tape, miles long, as well as their smallest
ingredients, just microns in size.
3. Tape Edge.
One of the most common issues with
poorly manufactured tapes is edge
damage. HP uses computer-guided
slitting machines and laser targeting to
ensure the cleanest and most reliable
tape edge.
4. Abrasiveness.
If the tape surface is too rough, it can
wear the drive head down like sandpaper,
but if it’s too smooth then the signal is
too weak to record properly. With HP, it’s
always just right.
5. Coating.
If the surface of your media is uneven, the
effect on your tape drive is like driving
down a road with gigantic speed humps.
Not only is this bad for recording data, it
doesn’t do much for the life expectancy of
your tape drive. HP’s advanced coating
technology ensures your tape drive has
the smoothest ride, all of the time.
6. Binder and Lubricant.
Tape media is made from metal particles
coated in a special paint called a basefilm.
If the consistency of the basefilm isn’t
right, then the particles will be unreadable
and no recording can take place. This is
one of the critical areas of manufacturing
because there are billions upon billions of
particles on every LTO tape.
7. Servo Writing.
Servo tracks are like runway lights for
the tape head, guiding it along the correct
path to ensure it records safely. No prizes
for guessing what happens if the runway
lights go out. HP servo testing and quality
controls make sure they don’t.
8. Archival Stability.
HP LTO Ultrium media can last for at least
30 years if properly stored. To ensure this
happens, the tape is treated with a suit
of armour coating using a process called
‘passivisation’ to make it tough enough
to withstand the passing years.
9. All the above.
At every stage, over-correcting one
parameter has a knock-on effect of
negatively impacting a different aspect of
the recording process. Successful media
manufacture is the ability to keep many
complex variables precisely aligned all the
time. HP is the global leader in tape drives,
automation and media. We use over 15,000
drives per year in our test labs, swapping
out about 300 devices per week and
carrying out 2.5 million hours of testing
every year. That’s why HP is made to be
different and made to be better!
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